Barn and agricultural building conversions

The varied activities and uses of farms over the years can in some cases lead to land contamination issues which need to be resolved prior to the conversion of barns and agricultural buildings into homes. In order to help us make sure that the development will be safe and suitable for living in we need to find out what the buildings and land were used for.

Information that can support a planning application

Information that can support your application for barn and agricultural conversions into homes includes the previous uses of any existing buildings within the proposed development area including any to be demolished. As well as the location of:

  • Any fuel storage, both above and below ground
  • Any filled pits and the farm tip
  • Bonfires
  • Any chemical storage like pesticides or herbicides
  • Foot and mouth burial sites
  • Any asbestos and asbestos containing materials on or close to the proposed development for example lagging or roof sheeting
  • Services like fuel lines, water, gas and electricity
  • Cesspits, oil interceptors and electrical sub-stations

Form to help you collect information to support your planning application

For these small types of development detailed land contamination investigations can prove very expensive. We have therefore compiled a form to assist applicants in gathering together information that will help us make an informed decision and reduce the need for planning conditions requiring site investigations. Just because a site does have some of the above identified uses does not necessarily indicate that there will be an expensive clean up needed simply that during development certain issues need to be considered.

Barn and building conversions pre-determination form (PDF: 127Kb 2 pages).

Please note that if we do not receive a completed form before your planning applications decided then we may recommend a planning condition requiring a comprehensive survey for contamination and this form would not be acceptable to satisfy a planning condition.

Last updated: Tuesday, 9 February, 2021.