Coronation garden

Coronation garden was created as a community garden in 1938, to celebrate the Coronation of King George VI. The land used for the garden was originally a tennis court and gardens to two houses which were converted into the Town Hall. The gardens are on Portland Place and cover an area of approximately 40 meters by 30 meters. Unfortunately over the years the garden had become neglected and underused.

So in 2012 the garden was redesigned and renewed by ourselves working in partnership with Penrith Rotary Club to celebrate the centenary of Rotary International. We provided some of the money for the works to the garden the rest came from the Heritage Fund.

We project managed the scheme, the landscaping was designed by Landscape Consultants and the art works were designed by an Arts Consultant working with school groups and other local societies.

The gardens are now more accessible as the original sandstone paths are wider, steps have been removed and slopes have been kept to a minimum, to allow easier access for wheelchairs and prams. Tapping rails have been installed throughout to aid the visually impaired.

The original gates have been restored, whilst the hedge on the Portland Place side has been removed and replaced with replicas of the original railings. The original railings were removed in 1939, in support of the war effort.

It is intended that the works to the Coronation garden will benefit local children and community by explaining Penrith’s historical past. Part of the garden is laid in the shape of St Andrew's Cross on which the Penrith coat of arms is based, this is in recognition of Penrith's close links with Scotland. The timeline circular path depicts the history of Penrith from pre-historic to modern times. Whilst the 16 information panels, four artwork sculptures and eight flagpole banners describe and illustrate Penrith’s history in more detail.

Activities for families and school children

Coronation garden activity pack

Local families can learn more about the town's past and that of the garden by obtaining an activity pack from Penrith Tourist Information Centre.

School visit to Coronation garden

Visit the Coronation Garden for outdoor history, timeline and creative activities about the history of Penrith sessions bookable through the museum.

Maintenance of Coronation Garden

We currently maintain the garden with a team of enthusiastic community volunteers. If you would like to become involved, please contact us.

Last updated: Wednesday, 24 April, 2024.