Private water supplies affected by flooding

If you are on a private water supply and have been affected by flooding you should assume the supply may have been contaminated and that it is not fit to use without boiling. Even if you have a treatment method it maybe the contamination is heavy (this may not be visible) and the treatment method may be unable to cope. Therefore still treat water as contaminated and boil accordingly.

How will I know if my private water supply has been affected?

If your water supply has changed significantly from its usual colour, for example, it has gone darker in colour or has suspended solids in it, you should assume the supply has been exposed to higher than normal levels of surface contamination due to the adverse weather conditions. You should boil all water for drinking and cooking until the supply has returned to its normal colour.

Will the disinfection treatment to my private water supply still work?

If you have disinfection treatment such as ultra violet, do not assume the supply is safe even if not coloured, as in exceptional conditions, any equipment can be compromised.

Is there anything else I can check to see if my water supply is ok?

Private water supply sources are often in very remote locations. As soon as the weather permits, you are strongly advised to visit the source and check if any damage has occurred. This may be in the form of damage to the perimeter fence, damage to the lid or cover, or an ingress of contamination in the form of surface water or silt from a land slip.

In the event of any of the above please contact the Environmental Protection Team.

Last updated: Tuesday, 19 January, 2021.