In an emergency

0300 373 3300 even if it is out of hours, this number will put you in touch with our duty officer.

See emergency telephone numbers to contact other organisations.

Preparing for flooding

Help from the Environment Agency

The Environment Agency operates a flood warning system, giving information to the public, media, emergency services and local authorities.

If flooding is forecast, warnings are issued using the following three easily recognisable codes:

  • Flood Alert - Flooding possible. Be aware! Be prepared! Watch out!
  • Flood Warning - Flooding expected affecting homes, businesses and main roads. Act now!
  • Severe Flood Warning - Severe flooding expected. Imminent danger to life and property.

See flood warnings for Cumbria on GOV.UK.

The Met Office and Environment Agency:

Alternatively, you can telephone the Floodline Service on 0345 988 1188, 24 hours a day, and listen to recorded flood warning information, or speak to an operator for general information and advice.

We have no legal responsibility to provide assistance to residents during times of flood.

Response to flooding - what we will do

Our approach to provide emergency assistance during times of flooding are as follows:

  • We will assist with the dissemination of Environment Agency flood warnings where appropriate.
  • We operate a local flood plan in the event of a flooding incident.
  • We provide reception centres in the response phase, in line with the our Emergency Response Plan.
  • We may provide sandbags, if we consider it appropriate and they are available, to assist with the defence from flooding to persons or domestic property within the area (maximum of 8 per property).

Request support and sandbags online.

We have no legal responsibility to provide assistance to residents during times of flood.

Last updated: Tuesday, 18 April, 2023.