Petitioning the Council

One of the easiest ways for you to have direct influence on the political process is to create or sign a petition.

Signing a petition

A person who lives, works or studies in the Eden District may present a petition about any matter on which the Council has power to act.

Petitions containing 500 signatures or more will be subject to debate by the full council unless it is a petition asking for a senior council officer to give evidence at a public meeting.

Details of each petition to be submitted to Council should be delivered to the Chief Executive no later than eight clear calendar days (that is not counting the day of the meeting or the day of delivery) before the meeting of the Council concerned.

Only the petition organiser may speak and such speech shall not exceed five minutes inclusive of the reading of the substance of the petition. At the conclusion of the speech the petition will be discussed by councillors for a maximum of fifteen minutes.

Before submitting your petition you might like to check with us to see if this is a matter which we are responsible for and to see if we are already acting on the subject of your petition - to find out contact Member Services.

Submit a petition

We can only accept paper petitions.

Generally, a petition should have a clear statement covering the subject of the petition and say what actions you wish us to take and provide contact details of the petition organiser. Anyone signing a petition must provide their name, address, postcode and signature.

Rejected petitions

If you feel that we have not dealt with your petition properly, the petition organiser can request our Overview and Scrutiny Committee to review the steps that we took in response to your petition.

Last updated: Wednesday, 24 April, 2024.