About My Account

We have launched the Revenues and Benefits self-service portal which is next phase in development of 'My Account'.

Your can use the My Account portal to report, or request a whole range of Council services, contact the Council and check information. My Account portal residents and businesses to access council services 24/7, at a time that is convenient. By registering for paperless e-Billing your will receive your bill by email, making it a much more environmentally friendly way for us to bill you.

By adding Revenues and Benefits information to My Account means that customers registered for My Account are now be able to manage a range of new services.

What can I use 'My Account' for?

After registering for My Account you will be able to see useful details about the area you live and the services you use. You will also be able to securely access a range of our services, including:


  • Missed bin collections
  • Graffiti
  • Dog fouling
  • Fly-tipping
  • Littering
  • Full drop-off recycling bins
  • Full or damaged litter bins
  • Abandoned vehicles

Applying for:

  • Assisted bin collection
  • New bins/recycling boxes and bags
  • Paperless billing (e-billing)


  • Council tax details
  • Business rates details
  • Housing benefit details

Will will continue to add new features to My Account to enable residents and businesses to manage more of the services they use, online.

Register for My Account

Register for a My Account it is easy and takes just a couple of minutes - all you need is an email address.

Login to My Account

Login to My Account to access the services listed above.


Once registered for a My Account, you’ll be able to add the services you want to access and apply for paperless e-Billing for the bills you receive such as your Council Tax bill. 

Just add Council Tax to your My Account services and have your Council Tax reference number ready to enter. You’ll also need to enter some information about your Council Tax account, such as your surname, postcode, or your payment details.

Once you've added and verified your Council Tax account, you can request paperless e-Billing to ensure you receive all future correspondence by email.

Last updated: Wednesday, 24 April, 2024.