About Pavement licences

Hospitality businesses such as restaurants, pubs and cafes can apply for a pavement licence. This means they can put tables and chairs out on the pavement in front of their businesses and serve food and drink outside in a way that protects customers from COVID-19.

See guidance: pavement licences (outdoor seating) on GOV.UK.

This is a temporary 'fast-track' application process, added to the existing pavement licensing rules to help boost the economy after COVID-19. The new arrangement will last until the end of September 2022.

There is no fee payable at this time for the Pavement Licence.

Full details of this new provision including the scope, application and determination process, conditions, enforcement and review procedures are set out in our Pavement Licensing Policy (PDF: 341Kb / 16 pages).

You can give your opinion and comment on a pavement licence application through our pavement licence consultation.

Apply for pavement licence

At the start of the application form there will be a list of what you will need to complete the process.

It is a requirement that you publicise the application at the premises so that neighbours are aware of your proposals. We include a form for this as part of the application procedure.

Apply for a pavement licence.

Pavement licence consultation

We consult on all applications for seven days.

Take part in the pavement licence consultation to find who has applied for a licence and comment on the application.

We will also consult with:

  • Cumbria Fire and Rescue.
  • Environmental Services (including Environmental Protection and Food and Safety Teams).
  • Cumbria Police.
  • The appropriate Parish and Town Council.
  • Cumbria County Council Highways.

Consultation time scales

Following the end of the public seven day consultation period, we have another seven days to issue a decision on an application. If we do not issue a decision within this 14 day period the application is automatically granted.

Last updated: Wednesday, 24 April, 2024.