Accident reporting

All accidents at work, however minor the injury, should be recorded in the accident book in your workplace.

HSE books on Health and Safety Executive website has accidents books you can buy.

Reporting serious accidents or incidents

Certain injuries, diseases and "dangerous occurrences" - events which do not cause injury but are potentially very serious - must be reported to the enforcing authority.

The Health and Safety Executive website has details of what is included in the various categories. But, to summarise, the following must be reported:

  • Deaths (of employees or members of the public)
  • Specified injuries to workers (such as fractures and amputations)
  • Members of the public taken to hospital
  • Accidents causing injury lasting more than seven days
  • Occupational diseases or medical conditions caused by work, such as occupational asthma
  • Dangerous occurrences such as plant or equipment coming into contact with overhead power lines.

RIDDOR on the Health and Safety Executive website has specific details on reporting injuries.

Last updated: Wednesday, 24 April, 2024.