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Food hygiene rating scheme

Food Standards Agency FOOD HYGIENE RATING StickerThe Food Hygiene Rating Scheme is a local authority / Food Standards Agency (FSA) partnership initiative. The scheme provides consumers with information about hygiene standards in food premises at the time they are inspected by local authority food safety officers. Inspections check compliance with legal requirements - the food hygiene rating given reflects the inspection findings. The purpose is to allow consumers to make informed choices about the places where they eat out or shop for food thereby encouraging businesses to improve their hygiene standards.

Find out about the Food Hygiene Rating Scheme on the FSA's website.

Watch video About the Food Hygiene Rating Scheme on You Tube, where the FSA explains the scheme.

Once you receive your food hygiene rating

Read making the most of your business on the Food Standards Agency website, which explains about the toolkit to help food business get the most out of their food hygiene rating.

The Food Standards agency issue businesses with a window sticker and encourage them to display the sticker prominently.

Search food hygiene ratings in Eden area on FSA's website, to find out the ratings for a particular business.

I don't agree with my food hygiene rating

In order to ensure that the scheme is fair to businesses, it has been designed to include a number of safeguards. These are: an appeal procedure; a 'right to reply'; and an opportunity to request a revisit when improvements have been made in order to be reassessed for a 'new' rating. For information for food businesses about these different safeguards see below.

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