Recycling centre materials

Aluminium foil

Clean aluminium foil, foil milk bottle tops, tops of cartons, baking and freezer trays, kitchen foil, foil from cigarette and tobacco wrapping (without the backing paper), can all go into the special foil banks. Please do not put foil products in can banks.

Please do not put crisp packets or tea bag packets, made of metallised plastic, in foil or can banks.

Novelis Recycling UK, recycle aluminium foil into engine parts.


Put aluminium and steel drink cans, and washed food tins, in can banks. There is no need to remove labels from cans.

The recyclers use a magnet to sort the steel and aluminium cans. To melt cans down they go into a furnace to create ingots. They roll the ingots into thin metal sheets to make into brand new cans and tins.

Aluminium and steel cans go to Rochdale for recycling into new cans.


Only washed glass bottles and jars can go into bottle banks. There is no need to remove labels from bottles or jars. Please do not put bottle tops, corks, Pyrex products, milk bottles, plate glass, ceramics or light bulbs in bottle banks.

You can recycle bottles with a colour coating. The coating will burn off when the bottle goes into the furnace as part of the recycling process. You do not have to sort into bottle colour.

Norpol Recycling Ltd, recycle glass into new bottles and jars.

Paper and card

Newspapers, magazines, envelopes, junk mail, telephone directories, yellow pages, catalogues, old greeting cards, cardboard, cereal packets and other card packaging can go into the paper banks. Please do not put polystyrene, plastic inserts, wrappers, any cards with glitter on, cards with high gloss finish, or cartons, in paper and card banks.

A private contractor is used to recycle cartons in Eden. To dispose of cartons put them into blue refuse bags.

Paper and card go to China for recycling into new paper products.


Washed and squashed plastic bottles without tops, bottle tops, yoghurt pots, plastic food trays, tubs and containers can go in the plastic bank. Please do not put polystyrene, plastic bags, or wrapping, in the plastic bank.

Plastics are recycled into a variety of different products, including garden and street furniture and drainpipes.

Plastics got to Swinton and Manchester for recycling into a variety of plastic products.


Clean dry clothing, footwear tied into pairs and household textiles in tied plastic carrier bags can go into a clothing and shoe banks. Plastic carrier bags are recycled.

Please do not put in any pillows, duvets, cushions, Wellington boots, odd shoes, or dirty, wet, or stained clothes, in clothing and shoe banks, as they are not recyclable.

Put rags in carrier bags with a label saying ‘rags’ before putting them in a textile bank.

Please remove all coat hangers before placing items in the textile bank.

Recycling advice

Consult the recycling and waste A to Z, to find out if you can recycle an item.

When recycling:

Be considerate to nearby residents and use the recycling banks during daylight hours. Help to keep recycle centres clean and tidy. Take empty bags home with you where they can be disposed of properly. To minimise the environmental impact of your journey, visit a recycling centre when you go shopping or to pick children up from school.

Consult the list of recycle centres, to find the nearest one to you and to see which items you can take to the centre.

Last updated: Monday, 15 August, 2022.