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War memorials

We maintain the war memorials at:

  • Memorial at Bongate, Appleby
  • Memorial in Cross Croft Cemetery, Appleby
  • Memorial in St Lawrence's Churchyard, Appleby
  • Two plaques inside Dacre Church, Dacre
  • Memorial at St Lawrence's Churchyard, Morland
  • Memorial in Eamont Bridge, Penrith
  • Black Angel at Castle Park, Penrith
  • Memorial Gates at Castle Park, Penrith
  • Memorial in the churchyard at St Andrew's Church, Penrith
  • Two plaques inside St Andrew's Church, Penrith

If any of the above war memorials become damaged or defaced by acts of vandalism, including graffiti, please let us know. To report any damage to a war memorial, please complete the vandalism, graffiti and fly posting report online form.