Website traffic

Website traffic or hits vary throughout the year. We receive most hits in the summer months and the least around Christmas time. Unique visitors are individual website users who view the website each month. Page views shows the number of web pages viewed each month. Figures from one year to the next can also vary, depending on particular events, for example during the covid-19 pandemic when businesses were apply for grants page views increased. We use Google Analytics to measure website traffic.

Website visitor and web page view figures

Monthly record of website visitors and page views
Month Unique Visitors Page Views
December 2022 37,731 132,026
November 2022 37,196 144,442
October 2022 35,197 129,574
September 2022 35,867 137,628
August 2022 38,297 139,263
July 2022 36,046 138,162
June 2022 31,767 142,525
May 2022 25,326 134,831
April 2022 18,086 105,773
March 2022 16,826 104,501
February 2022 15,065 91,914
January 2022 16,497 101,276
December 2021 14,044 81,683

Trend of visitors' figures

The figures for website visitors between November 2021 and May 2022 do not a represent the exact number of visitors. After changes to the way the cookie control works in May 2022 figures show a more accurate account of website visitors. Although, the number of visitors who choose to reject cookies are not known.

Percentage change in figures from this time last year:

  • Unique visitors -10.2%
  • Page views -9.4%

How we measure our website traffic

We use Google Analytics to measure our website traffic. We feel that this more accurately reflects visits from humans, rather than robots or search engine crawlers, that are included in data from server logs.

Last updated: Tuesday, 3 January, 2023.