Website traffic

Website traffic or hits vary throughout the year. We receive most hits in the summer months and the least around Christmas time. Unique visitors are individual website users who view the website each month. Page views shows the number of web pages viewed each month. Figures from one year to the next can also vary, depending on particular events, for example after the flooding in 2015 our hits and page views increased. We use Google Analytics to measure website traffic.

Website visitor and web page view figures

Monthly record of website visitors and page views
Month Unique Visitors Page Views
August 2020 55,555 157,861
July 2020 53,639 181,393
June 2020 53,216 177,757
May 2020 50,013 170,629
April 2020 50,505 166,162
March 2020 56,037 181,009
February 2020 46,755 135,716
January 2020 45,348 165,950
December 2019 31,701 145,205
November 2019 40,916 155,684
October 2019 38,306 138,635
September 2019 38,288 126,391
August 2019 39,646 144,604

Trend of visitors' figures

Percentage change in figures from this time last year:

  • Unique visitors 32,2%
  • Page views 27.5%

How we measure our website traffic

We use Google Analytics to measure our website traffic. We feel that this more accurately reflects visits from humans, rather than robots or search engine crawlers, that are included in data from server logs.

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