Website availability and planned maintenance

Whilst we aim for 100% availability, we have a commitment to make our web services available for 98% of the time. Our service level agreement with our website hosts covers the time we expect the website servers to be available. The table below shows the percentage of time the site was available for the last 12 months.

View the planned maintenance list of known website downtime, to find out when we intend to carry out work on any of our website servers.

Monthly record of website availability
Month Service availability (%) Target met?
August 2022 99.99 Yes
July 2022 99.94 Yes
June 2022 99.99 Yes
May 2022 100 Yes
April 2022 100 Yes
March 2022 100 Yes
February 2022 96.4 No *Unplanned ICT failure
January 2022 100 Yes
December 2021 100 Yes
November 2021 99.91 Yes
October 2021 99.95 Yes
September 2021 99.99 Yes
August 2021 99.99 Yes

Website availability for the last 12 months was 99.68%.

We report our site availability using information from Siteimprove reporting service.

Planned website maintenance

For various reasons we occasionally have to take our web systems offline.

Last updated: Thursday, 1 September, 2022.