Litter picks

We support The Big Tidy Up, England's biggest ever litter picking campaign organised by Keep Britain Tidy. Launched in 2008, the campaign has over 15,000 groups of volunteers who have rolled up their sleeves to help clean up their community, collecting more than 62,000 sacks of litter. Anyone can join in the campaign: parish, or village, school, community group, youth group, individuals, and businesses.

Litter Heroes litter pick events

Keep Britain Tidy support anyone who wants to do their bit to create a better environment, by helping to keep parks, beaches and streets cleaner. If you would like to organise your own litter pick, Keep Britain Tidy offer advice and support, as well as access to Keep Britain Tidy materials.

Go to join our LitterHeroes on the Keep Britain Tidy website if you are interested in organising, or taking part, in a litter pick in your area.

Great British Spring Clean

Find out about the Great British Spring Clean on the Keep Britain Tidy website, which takes place from 28 May 2021 to 31 June 2021.

Help with litter picks

We can help with litter picks in your parish, or village, at your school, recreation ground, footpath, or street, by lending litter picking equipment, including:

  • litter picking sticks;
  • gloves;
  • high visibility vests (in both adult and¬†children sizes); and
  • handi hoops and sacks.

We can also provide a disposal service for the collected litter.

Read 'Guidelines for Community Litter Picks' (PDF: 45 Kb / 2 pages) to ensure your group, or school, has a successful and safe litter pick.