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Recycling bag and box collection

The bag and box recycling collection scheme is available to every household in Eden. As of April 2018, the recycling rate for Eden is 43.20%. Each household is supplied with a sturdy plastic green box and two weather-proof canvas bags, along with a calendar of collection dates. 

To find out when your recycling is due to be collected enter your postcode in My Eden.

Recycling bag and box on kerb side ready for collection

Can I use my own recycling containers?

No. Only green bags and boxes supplied by Eden District Council should be set out on collection day. Other containers filled with recycling placed out will be assumed to be recycling and taken away to be recycled.

Using the recycling bags and box

  • The green box is for recycling glass and cans.

  • One green bag is for hard plastics - plastic bottles, yoghurt pots, plastic food trays, tubs, containers. We do know that some plastic containers now have recycling symbols printed on them. However, as each type of plastic can be used for numerous products, we consider it is easier to state what type of products we collect. Do not put plastic bags, cling film or food wrappings in the green bag, put them in the blue bag collection.

  • One green bag is for paper and card.

Please do not mix hard plastics with paper and card in green recycling bags. For extra recycling and larger pieces of cardboard, see additional recycling.

Why two bags and one box?

Although it appears that glass, cans, plastic, paper/card are all thrown in together on the collection vehicle, there are separate containers on the vehicle.

Recycling that may blow away needs to be in a sealed velcro lidded green bag. Paper and card are classed as 'fibre' materials so need to be separate from plastics. Place hard plastics in a separate green bag. Please do not mix plastics with paper/card, it may result in your recycling not being collected.

Glass and cans are to be placed into the green box only, as the sharp edges of cans and any broken bottles may cause tears in the green bags and/or cause harm to the collection staff. Glass, cans and plastics are collected in one half of the collection vehicle and paper/card in the other.

Where and when will bags and boxes be collected?

Recycling bags and boxes should be put on the adopted highway, or at a central collection point by 7am on the day of collection. They will be emptied, weather permitting, by our specially designed vehicles.

Collection points for new developments will be agreed upon prior to the start of collections.

What happens if there is a road closure?

When road closures have prevented vehicles accessing your property, collections will be attempted again on the next scheduled collection day. Long term closure arrangements will need to be made by the organisation who is responsible for the road closures.

How often will bags and boxes be collected?

Bag and box collections are every fortnight. A calendar of collection dates is sent out to households and can be downloaded: see our bag and box calendar.

Additional recycling

If you have more recycling than will fit in your bag or box, you can put it in a tied carrier bag next to the bag or box containing the same type of recycling. One tied carrier bag only containing either, only paper, only plastics, or only glass and tins. The recycling will be collected. Carrier bags will be left to be placed into your blue rubbish bag for disposal. Larger pieces of cardboard will only be taken if they have been folded and flattened to a size where they can easily be put into the collection bags.

Get recycling bags and a box

Every household should have two green bags and one green box. If you don't have two green bags and one green box, or if they have gone missing or have been damaged, you can request new ones.

Request bags and a box online.

Bags and boxes missed during collection

Bags and boxes need to be on the kerbside before 7am on the collection day, as collection times may vary.

Report bags and boxes not emptied online.

Can't carry bags or boxes to the collection point?

Households where no-one is physically able to put the bags and boxes on the kerbside, or at a central collection point, may be eligible for an assisted collection. Apply now for Assisted collection.

Bags and boxes collection calendar

For a PDF copy of your bag and box scheme calendar, look in Your Area, in My House tab, under Refuse and Recycling, under Your Waste Collections. Click on the number after Download PDF Calendar.

Search for a recycling calendar.