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Volunteering is a fantastic way to make new friends, gain new experiences, build confidence and share what you know with others.

Volunteers are individuals who put their experience, knowledge and skills at the disposal of an organisation, free of charge with the aim of helping the organisation to achieve its objectives and bringing benefit to the local community.

There are a wide range of volunteering opportunities available, including caring, youth work, administration, supporting disabled or older people, driving people with access issues, conservation and being a trustee.

The type of volunteering work you do can be based around your skills and interests. If you are currently out of work but want to stay active and continue to build up worthwhile experience for your CV, employers are more likely to be impressed with candidates who have given up their time to volunteer.

Different organisations have different types of opportunities that you can get involved in at different times and on different days. Cumbria Council for Voluntary Service (Cumbria CVS) can help you to match your interests, skills and time availability with appropriate volunteering opportunities.

Cumbria CVS is a registered charity, offering help to third sector groups throughout Cumbria.