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Community solutions

What are community solutions?

Community solutions are local case studies detailing how some communities have developed solutions to improve issues their areas.

How can you help?

Please contact us and let us know how your community has made improvements to your local area. We can then add this to the case studies or create a 'How-To' guide. In addition to letting us know how you have made improvements please let people know about this area of the website and ask us for hard copies of the case studies to hand out.

Case studies

The case studies below set out a series of challenges that our communities face and are overcoming with help from a range of partners.

We will add more case studies as we work with our communities to solve local issues. However, we welcome ideas and solutions from other areas that we can launch on this site. The more information we have, the more use it will be to communities throughout the country.

How-to guides

Below are a number of 'how-to' guides which provide useful information on how communities can develop certain projects. Please get in touch if there are any particular 'how-to' guides that you think would be useful.

Community assets - saving your local pub

The assets that rural areas have are being gradually eroded; schools, post offices, shops, pubs and even telephone boxes appear to be under constant threat of closure. The case study below demonstrates how a community faced with losing their local pub joined together and saved it from closure.

Case study - saving the local pub (PDF: 101Kb / 3 pages) - 11 July 2011

Community communications - broadband

The case study below provides information on how a small community had become frustrated with the lack of broadband in their area decided to develop their own system. The case study also contains information on what is being done to improve broadband provision throughout Cumbria.

Broadband case study (PDF: 82Kb / 4 pages) - 18 July 2011

Community solution - film to encourage volunteering

Cumbria CVS were on the look out for new and innovative ideas to help promote volunteering in the large, rural and hard to reach areas of the Eden Valley.

Community solution - film to encourage volunteering (PDF: 75Kb / 2 pages) - 23 October 2012

Community solution - electric bike hire scheme

A community considered that additional opportunities to encourage tourists to the area was a high priority in their community plan. Given that the area is particularly hilly and covered large areas it was felt that an electric bike hire scheme would be an attractive draw for tourists.

How-to guide - electric bike hire point (PDF: 56Kb / 2 pages) - 12 June 2012

Community solution - Kirkby Stephen information service point

A Tourist Information Centre was set to close due to funding restrictions, but a local Community Group recognised the need to preserve the service and submitted an expression of interest to take over the building to enable the community to run the service themselves.

Case study - Kirkby Stephen TIC: community transfer (PDF: 44Kb / 2 pages) - 12 June 2012

Community solution - Tebay information service point

With no direct information provision in Tebay and the nearest centre in Upper Eden, a number of businesses in Tebay and Orton recognised that it would be beneficial to promote each other to the visitors who came to the area.

Case study - Tebay Information Point (PDF: 50Kb / 1 page) - 12 June 2012


After a housing needs survey was carried out in a community in Eden, the results pointed to the requirement for a range of affordable homes for the area. The community in question, worked with the Council and a range of other agencies to buy a piece of land and obtain the necessary finance to develop a housing scheme.

Case study - housing (PDF: 110Kb / 4 pages) - 18 July 2011

How-to guide - setting up a children's play area

If you feel your community would benefit from a children's play area, the How-To Guide below provides useful information about how to set one up. The guide also has contact details for Council Officers who will be able to help you along the way.

How-to guide - play areas (PDF: 87Kb / 3 pages) - 11 August 2011

How-to guide - setting up an event or market in your local area

Many communities benefit from hosting an event in their areas as it can introduce new visitors and highlight the local industry. The events can be annual, monthly, weekly or a one-off and can be funded through various means such as grants, charity or community input. This how-to guide provides useful guidance on how you go about setting up an event or market.

How-to guide - setting up an event or market (PDF: 63Kb / 3 pages) - 12 November 2012

Promotional literature for your area

Tourism is extremely important to the economy of Eden. In 2010, Eden attracted 4.3 million visitors who spent £217 million and tourism activity supported 3,500 full-time equivalent jobs in the area (STEAM 2010). The case study below shows how the communities of Orton and Tebay got together to produce a promotional leaflet to attract more visitors to their area.

31 May 2012

Renewable energy

There is a growing need for the country and indeed the world to reduce its reliance on generating energy from fossil fuels. Renewable energy solutions provide the potential to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels but also for communities and individuals to be financially rewarded for generating their own power. There are two case studies below: The first case study focuses on a community group who are helping install photovoltaic panels (PV) on community buildings in order to reduce their carbon footprint and as a means of generating an income that can be used for other community projects. The second case study focuses on a community that are trying to develop their own anaerobic digestion plant which will have significant environmental benefits and financial benefits to the community it will be located in.

18 July 2011


Transport is a major issue for rural communities. The large areas that need to be covered coupled with the sparse population mean that it sometimes isn't financially viable to run a bus service to certain areas. A lack of public transport can often mean a significant reliance on the use of cars which is not beneficial for the environment and has a significant financial cost to the individual. However, there are a range of different transport solutions that you or your community could benefit from. A community group in Eden took it upon themselves to map out exactly what transport options are available in their area.

Transport - mapping availability (PDF: 74Kb / 2 pages) - 18 July 2011

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