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Signature Projects Fund

The Signature Projects Fund is a one-off fund of £300,000 available in 2018/2019 for Town Councils, Parish Councils and Parish Meetings to help fund innovative projects that will support small businesses and residents in their respective areas.

Applications are invited from Town Councils, Parish Councils or Parish Meetings to support their own projects or acting as an accountable body for community groups / organisations seeking funding. Community Groups or organisations can only apply through Town Councils, Parish Councils or Parish Meetings.

What can grants fund?

Both capital and revenue funding is available.

Grants are available for community projects that deliver wide community benefit contributing to the sustainability, vitality and well-being of Eden’s communities. They will contribute to locally identified community needs and priorities and demonstrate value for money.

What levels of grant are available for applicants?

The minimum grant is £10,001 and the maximum is £100,000. Awards towards the maximum level will need to demonstrate robust evidence of community need. There is a requirement for 25% match funding although 10% of this can be in-kind.

Applicants must submit two written quotes or estimates for each item of expenditure between £50 and £2,500 and three for each item over £2,500.

To apply to the Signature Projects Fund

Those interested in applying should make initial contact with the Leisure and Communities Team before the 3 September by phone or email, see contact details below.

The Leisure and Communities Team will invite applicants to attend an Application Guidance day in early October for support in completing their application.

The deadline for expressions of interest for this fund is now closed.


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