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Why does my private water supply need a risk assessment?

If you have a private water supply we want to help you ensure it is safe to use.

The Private Water Supply Regulations 2009 require us to undertake a risk assessment survey of certain private water supplies every five years. This does not, however, include domestic properties where only a single house uses the supply. 

The risk assessment aims to identify any potential problems that could affect the quality of the water supply so that these may be dealt with before a problem occurs. 

The risk assessment involves a site visit to survey the supply from the source of the water (spring or borehole) through to the consumer's tap. This includes any water holding tanks, the distribution system and any water treatment system on the supply. Following the site visit, we will contact you to discuss any improvement measures required to protect or improve the quality of your water supply. 

A fee is charged for the risk assessment, which is based on the time taken for an officer to complete the risk assessment.  The total cost is divided between all of the properties on that supply.