Rented properties on a private water supply

Advice for tenants on private water supplies

Tenants in a rented property with a private water supply you must check with your landlord or with us that the private water supply is registered.

Your tenancy agreement should set out the your responsibilities and your landlord's responsibility.

We will need to sample the supply every year and every five years carry out a risk assessment.

You, your family and visitors to the property have a right to expect clean, safe drinking water.

Advice for Landlords on private water supplies

If you are a landlord of a rented property which is served by a private water supply you have a duty to provide safe, clean, drinking water.

You must register the private water supply with us so we can undertake annual quality sampling and a risk assessment of the supply every five years.

Advice private water supplies affected by flooding

If you are on a private water supply and have been affected by flooding you should assume the supply may have been contaminated and that it is not fit to use without boiling. Find out more private water supply affected by flooding.

Last updated: Monday, 20 January, 2020.