Register a private water supply

The Regulations require us to keep a record of all private water supplies within Eden district.

If you have a private water supply, or are planning to install one, you must register the supply with us. This is for a number of reasons:

  1. Private water supplies fall into one of four categories, each requiring different levels of monitoring by local authorities. Once your private water supply is registered, we use this information to ensure that the water supply is being monitored sufficiently. Please be aware, if the property being served by a private water supply has a commercial use, for example, a rented property, holiday let or a bed & breakfast, or you intend to change to a commercial use, you need to inform us immediately.

  2. Local Authorities are consulted on many activities, such as planning applications, which could affect private water supplies if these activities are located close to the source of the supply. It is therefore essential that we are aware of the location of private water supplies so we can access this information when making a decision.

  3. It is also essential that we are able to contact everyone who may be using the water supply in the event of a problem with the supply.

How to register your private water supply

To register your private water supply please complete one of these forms:

and return it to us either by email or in the post.

Categories of private water supplies:

Large private water supply

Large supplies - a water supply serving over 50 people; or produces more than 10 m³ per day of water; or is used for commercial purposes, for example, rented properties, holiday lets, a bed and breakfast; or is public premises. These supplies require sampling at least once a year and a risk assessment undertaken every five years. If you are a tenant in rented accommodation that is served by a private water supply, please check with your landlord, or us, that the private water supply is registered with us so we can check that the water supply is wholesome and safe to drink.

Small private water supply

Small supplies - a water supply serving two or more premises; produces less than 10m³ of water; and is not used for commercial purposes, or for public premises. These supplies require sampling and a risk assessment every five years.

Single private water supply

Single supplies - a water supply that serves only one private domestic dwelling where no commercial activity takes place. (Rented properties would not fall into this category because of the commercial use). We will only sample and carry out a risk assessment on these supplies at the owner's request. This is often requested when people are looking to buy a property on a private water supply.

Private distribution systems

Private distribution systems - a water supply that is supplied by a water company and then further distributed by the account holder to a third party, for example, caravan parks. These supplies require a risk assessment every five years and sampling at a frequency dependent of the outcome of the risk assessment.

See private water supply sampling and risk assessments costs.

Last updated: Friday, 24 September, 2021.