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Private water supply sampling and risk assessment costs

Sampling and risk assessment costs

We charge a fee for the collection and analysis of the routine quality samples we are required to take.

There is also a fee for the risk assessment survey which we are required to carry out every five years. Where the water supply serves more than one property we will split the total cost between all of the properties using the supply.

Costs for 2016/2017

Item Cost
Collection of water sample £100
Analysis of water sample Actual cost set by laboratory
Risk assessment

£50 per hour of officers' time.

Maximum charge £500 (VAT exempt)

Please note:

  • When a risk assessment is being undertaken, there is no charge for the collection of the water sample.

  • No fee is payable where a sample is taken and analysed to confirm or clarify the results of the analysis of a previous sample.

Other possible additional charges

Item Cost
Investigations (each visit) £100
Granting an authorisation £100

Dairy farms

We can also collect and analyse samples from dairy farms on a private water supply to provide evidence of dairy compliance with hygiene standards. If you are a dairy farmer that requires this service, please contact us to request the cost and book a sample collection time.