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Climate change

We are committed to tackling the causes and effects of climate change. We recognise that climate change due to human activity is happening and that the consequences are already being felt in our area, including an increase in rainfall, flooding and strong winds.

Although international co-operation is needed to tackle what is a global crisis, we recognise that local authorities including ours have an important role to play at the local level in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and in adapting to the challenges ahead.

In order to tackle climate change, we need to both get our own house in order and also provide leadership to the wider community throughout Eden.

Reducing our carbon

During 2009 we embarked on the Carbon Trust's Carbon Management Programme and have set ourselves a target of reducing our carbon emissions by 25% by 2014/2015. We have developed a Carbon Management Plan which sets out how we intend to achieve this target.

Although we are not affected by the Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) due to our small size we are still committed to reducing our carbon emissions.
Read our media release on our commitment to carbon reduction. Find out more about the Carbon Trust's Carbon Management Programme.

In addition, we are participating in the Cumbria Business Environment Network scheme, also aimed at improving our internal environmental performance. Since 2011 we have received annually the CBEN Gold Award demonstrating our commitment to improving environmental awareness and performance. Through the development of our Environmental Management System we aim to make our products and service more sustainable. For further information see the Cumbria Business Environment Network website.

The wider community

We signed up to 'The Nottingham Declaration' on climate change back in November 2006. This publicly demonstrates our commitment to tackling climate change.

In March 2009 we signed up to a variation of The Cumbria Climate Change Commitment at a special meeting of the Cumbria Strategic Partnership. This Commitment will see us implementing the actions from the Cumbria Climate Change Action Plan which are considered to be relevant and practicable for us. Through the implementation of these actions, we intend to play our part in helping to significantly reduce Cumbria's carbon emissions.

We support the work of Cumbria Action for Sustainability (CAfS), the environmental charity, in order to 'inspire and enable community groups, households and businesses to take local action for environmental sustainability in Cumbria.' For further information see the Cumbria Action for Sustainability website.

What can we all do to reduce our CO2?

We can all help to do our bit by improving our home energy efficiency, by minimising waste and water and by using sustainable forms of transport.

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