Castle park development group

The Castle Park Development Group was formally set up in April 2013. It includes a range of people and organisations with an interest in the Penrith Castle Park and its future development. The main objectives of the development group are:

  • Maintaining and developing the Castle Park as a public open space for leisure, entertainment, education and pleasure.
  • Preparing an overarching development plan for the Castle Park and working with partners to implement the actions contained within the plan.
  • Promoting sport, community recreation and play facilities.
  • Raising funds and receiving contributions where appropriate to finance the work to develop the park.
  • Publicising and promoting the work of the Penrith Castle Park Development Group
  • Maintaining an open bank account, appropriate insurance cover, and making rules and standing orders appropriate for the group.
  • Promoting the development and environmental sustainability of green space, arboriculture and wildlife
  • Working with similar groups, the Council and other interested parties and exchange information and advice with them.
  • Working in partnership with Eden District Council to jointly maintain the standard of and to improve the park.
  • Taking any action that is lawful, which would help it to fulfil Castle Park Development Group aims.

Penrith Castle Park development plan

In partnership with the Castle Park Development Group we appointed the Appleton Group Consultants in 2014 to prepare an overarching Development Plan and Vision for the Park. The plan sets out the future vision and aspirations for the park.

The plan was prepared following local consultation with the public, key stakeholders and ourselves.

Together with the Castle Park Development Group we formally adopted the plan in the Autumn 2014. We are now preparing a submission to the Heritage Lottery Fund Parks for People grant fund to enable the majority of the Development Plan to be delivered. We are working towards a submission for the February 2017 grant round.

Read the Penrith Castle Park Development Plan / Vision for the Park (PDF: 4,699 Kb / 40 pages)

Castle Park vision

Together with the Castle Park Development Group we have prepared a new overarching vision for the plans to develop and improve Penrith Castle Park.

Read the Castle Park The VisionĀ (PDF: 118 Kb /1 page)

Last updated: Tuesday, 25 February, 2020.