Sandbag statement

Stacked sandbagsWe provide sandbags to domestic properties in areas where the Environment Agency issues a formal flood warning, where flooding is expected, and immediate action is required due to an imminent flooding risk.

Check the flood warnings for England on GOV.UK to see if there is a flood warning or severe flood warning for your area, this information is updated regularly.

We also provide tonne bags of sand and sandbags to established community flood groups in towns and villages, which we know are susceptible to flooding. These supplies of sand and sandbags are available for community use.

Check with your parish clerk to see if there is a community flood group in your area.

As we prioritise our services to areas in the most immediate danger of flooding, we ask residents where possible to source their own sand and sand bags from local DIY stores or builders merchants.

Read our sandbag policy.

19 February, 2020.