Property flood resilience recovery support scheme 2020

Up to £5000 inclusive of VAT (Value Added Tax), is available to assist people whose properties are eligible for the scheme, to make their homes more flood resilient.

The purpose of the scheme is to assist property owners to improve the flood resilience of their individual properties when they repair them after a flood. The aim of improving the flood resilience of properties is to reduce the amount of damage to a property if it was to flood again. This would enable householders and businesses to return to their properties sooner.

As it is not always possible to keep out flood water completely. Flood water may overtop resistance measures like flood barriers or seep through brickwork. This investment is most effectively used where it is supporting the additional cost of measures and repairs that enhance the future repairability and recoverability of a property in the event of a floodwater entering the property.

Eligible for a flood recovery grant

Properties in Eden flooded during Storm Ciara and Dennis may be eligible for a time limit grant of up to £5000.

The owners of the following premises are eligible for the scheme:

  • Residential properties, where you live most of the time (including static caravans). Where your name appears on the electoral role for that property. Properties where habitable internal areas suffered from flood damage in 2020.

  • Business (including social enterprise) and charitable organisation properties. Premises where internal areas used for day to day operations suffered flood damage. This does not include storage sheds or warehouses.

The grant is only available if the habitable living or business area of homes or business premises suffered floodwater damage. Floodwater damage resulting in the drying out and/or repairs to the fabric of the property/premises.

Not eligible for a flood recovery grant

  • Garages, outhouses and storage areas
  • Second homes.
  • Empty homes.
  • Basements or cellars not used as part of the habitable or business area.
  • Properties which has received previous flood resilience grant funding.

Apply for a flood resilience recovery grant

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Last updated: Tuesday, 19 January, 2021.