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Flooded properties Council Tax, Business Rates and Housing Benefits

Council Tax

If you had to move out of your home because of flooding you will receive a 100% discount for up to 12 months on both your flooded home and the property you have moved to if you are liable to pay Council Tax on your temporary home. If you are continuing to reside in the property that has been flooded, but are unable to use the whole property, for example, using only the upstairs rooms, you are also eligible for a discount.

Read more about the full discount scheme and the list of frequently asked questions.

If you have notified us that you have been flooded and we have sufficient information, we will automatically apply the discount, where we need more information, we will be in touch shortly. If you have not already let us know that your home was flooded, please do so.

Business Rates

Business properties that were flooded and, as a result of the flooding the business was adversely affected, are eligible for rate relief for an initial period of 3 months. This may be extended for up to a further 9 months if the business continues to be adversely affected.

Businesses that were not flooded, but where the ratepayer can demonstrate their business activity has been adversely affected, may be eligible for rate relief.

Read more about the business rates relief scheme for flooded properties and the list of frequently asked questions.

Housing Benefits

Anyone receiving Housing Benefit who has to leave their home due to flooding will be eligible to claim Housing Benefit at their temporary address if they pay rent at the temporary address.

Any liability to pay rent at their usual home should be covered by their landlord's insurance. Discretionary Housing Payments may be made if there is a shortfall between the rent and Housing Benefit for the temporary accommodation.