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Business Rates Relief Scheme for flooded properties FAQs

This Cumbria Flood 2015 Business Rates Relief scheme applies to business properties affected by the flooding incident between 3 and 28 December 2015.

What is the Cumbria flood business rates relief scheme?

The award is 100% rate relief for a minimum three month period. The relief applies for the full three months, even if the premises reopens within that time. If the adverse effects continue, cases will be reviewed. The maximum period for relief is 12 months, or until the business restarts trading from the property.

How do I apply for Cumbria flood business rates relief?

We have issued application forms to those businesses that we were aware had been flooded. If you haven't received a form please download the form below:

Cumbria 2015 Flooding Business Rates Relief Application Form (Word document: 799Kb / 3 pages)

If you need a form to be sent to you please telephone 01768 810067. An application form must be completed in all cases.

What are the criteria to qualify for the relief?

  • If the property has been flooded in whole or in part as a result of the adverse weather conditions
  • As a result of that flooding, business activity has been adversely affected
  • Your rateable value on the day of the flooding event was less than £10 million

I was not flooded but my business was affected by the impact of the flooding, can I still apply?

You may be eligible if you can show a reduction in trade of at least 20% for at least a month. Please complete an application form and provide documentary evidence to support your application.

What if my business property was empty when the flooding occurred?

No rate relief can be awarded under the flooding rate relief scheme. Normal Empty Property Relief arrangements apply.

I've been flooded more than once, how many periods of rate relief do I get?

Only one three month period of rate relief can be awarded and this starts from the first date that the property was flooded. If the business remains adversely affected after the three months, a further application may be made. The maximum period that relief may be awarded for is 12 months.