Flood recovery grants and discounts

We are able to offer grants, council tax discount and business rates relief because of the triggering of the flood recovery framework.

Flood recovery framework

Storms Ciara and Dennis caused severe flooding in Eden. When severe flooding occurs it triggers the flood recovery framework. The triggering of the flood recovery framework means there is financial support available. This financial support helps us to help households and businesses affected by flooding. We can claim community and business recovery grant money from the government. The grant money enables us to provide quick support to communities who have suffered due to the storms in February 2020. It also enables us to offer 100% council tax discounts and business rates relief for at least three months.

Community recovery grants and council tax discount

A grant and a 100% council tax discount for at least three months is available for flooded households. Grants and discounts are available to households:

  • who can no longer live in their home due to damage caused by flooding to sewerage, drainage and electricity serving their property.
  • where habitable areas in their home flooded.
  • living in temporary accommodation in Eden, because they are unable to return to their home. This is as well as any discount they are receiving for their home.

This discount is only available if the property is your home, where you live all the time. Discounts are not available on second homes or empty properties.

Contact Customer Services on the details below to add your name to the list and a form will be sent out to you shortly.


Download the council tax discount application form (Word document: 72Kb / 2 pages), complete and return it, if possible by email, to: counciltax@eden.gov.uk.

Grants and council tax refunds and discount payments

We will pay the grant money by bank transfer into the council tax payer's bank account. We will refund any council tax money paid for the period after 9 February into the council tax payer's bank account. Council tax payers will get a discount on their council tax bill for the year 2020/2021.

Business rates relief

Businesses that were directly impacted by flooding will be eligible for 100% business rates relief for at least three months, or until the business can start trading again.

Please complete the application form below to apply:

Download the business rates relief application form (Word document: 28Kb / 2 pages).

Business rates refunds and discount payments

We will refund any business rates paid after 9 February into the business ratepayer's account.