The dogs on leads order 2008

On the areas of land in Eden listed below, all dogs should be kept on leads:

All such parts of the roads, carriageways, footpaths, footways, alleyways, yards and verges which are open to the air, and to which the public are entitled, or permitted to have access, and which are within 200 metres of a public highway, which comprises, or includes a carriageway, which is subject otherwise than temporarily to a speed limit of 40 miles per hour, or less except for Access Land within the meaning of the Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000, and any rights of way crossing Access Land.

The allotment gardens on the land adjacent to:

  • Folly Lane, Penrith
  • James Street, Penrith
  • Salkeld Road, Penrith
  • Brackenber Court, Penrith
  • Castle Park, Penrith

The cemeteries on land:

  • at Beacon Edge, Penrith
  • to the South-east of Foulard Rigg, Nenthead
  • to the South of The Firs, Alston
  • at Bongate Cross, Appleby
  • to the North of Low Houses, Garrigill
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