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Allotments in Eden are in varying locations, their ownership is uncertain, if you are interested any allotments not listed below please contact the relevant parish council clerk.

Penrith allotments

Penrith Town Council own the allotment land in Penrith. The allotments are looked after by Penrith Allotment Association.

Penrith Allotment Association

Penrith Allotment Association handle all allotment enquiries for the allotments in Penrith. Allotments are soon relet and those interested should join the short waiting list maintained by the association. For all enquiries contact the secretary on the details below.

Penrith allotment locations and number of plots

Location Number of Plots Hen runs
Salkeld Road 30 N/A
James Street 14 N/A
Brackenber Close 62 38
Folly Lane 43 N/A

Penrith Allotment Association contacts:

Kirkby Stephen allotments

Kirkby Stephen allotment gardens are to the south of the town adjacent to Jubilee Park on the opposite side of the Wharton Hall road. Allotments are provided by Kirkby Stephen united charities. There is small waiting list for allotments.

Kirkby Stephen united charities

Kirkby Stephen united charities are a group of charities providing allotments and grants for the benefit of local people. The charities group meets four times a year.

Kirkby Stephen united charities contacts:

Kirkoswald allotments

There are three allotments in Kirkoswald for more details email

Morland parish allotments

Morland parish council provide 10 allotments for availability and costs see the allotments on Morland Parish Council website.

Skelton allotments gardens

Skelton allotment gardens are adjacent memorial woodland and children's play area. For more details on the allotment gardens email

Winskill allotment gardens

Winskill allotment gardens are adjacent the recreation ground. For more details on the allotment gardens contact Hunsonby parish clerk.