What's so special about Gazetteers@GIS Day? #GazDay

Gazetters @ GIS Day

Wednesday 13 November 2019 is Gazetteers @ GIS Day

'Everything happens somewhere and everybody lives somewhere'.

On this day throughout the country every authority is promoting the high quality of our countrywide address and mapping data and the work we do within Eden District Council to let you know the value of addressing and mapping within the public and commercial sectors.

When you request any services or deliveries to your property, shop on-line, look up an address in google maps enter an address into sat nav or more importantly dial 999 and request the emergency services, the address in these systems came from Eden District Council’s street naming and numbering section.

Here at Eden District Council our Local Land and Property Gazetteer holds information about streets and addressing. They pin down locations on the earth’s surface in a way that helps our organisation and others to use that address data every day.

It’s a key tool for the Council when it comes to running services efficiently - and we’d like more people to understand more about the incredible impact our gazetteers can have upon everyone’s lives. Not just on the day to day work of our Council, but also for the wider public sector and emergency services.

This year Eden District Council were again awarded, a Gold performance award in recognition of the management of the address information database which is a great achievement for a local Council.

In the run-up to the next Census in 2021, accurate address data will have a big impact for the funding of Eden District Council and our ability to deliver services to the District and residents, as described in this document 'The 2021 Census, the Revenue Support Grant, and UPRNs'. We have also set up 2021 Census page on our Eden District Council website where we will continue to post updates up until the Census takes place.

In the meantime, if you’d like to find out a little more about the use of the address and street data the Council maintain, have a look at this information sheet celebrating the work of Custodians and SNN Officers.