Rule of six guidance for people in licensed premises

The number of people from multiple households that can attend social gatherings in England, whether indoors or outdoors, has been cut to six under new Covid-19 restrictions implemented on Monday by the government.

Boris Johnson has said the restrictions in England are necessary to stop a second wave of coronavirus after evidence showed a sharp rise in the number of cases.

Eden District Council’s licensing and enforcement team have now issued clarifying guidance for members of the public on how to observe the new restrictions while visiting licensed premises.

Licensing and Enforcement officer, Steve Wilde, said: “It’s important that people understand and observe the new rule of six guidelines in order to protect themselves and others whilst enjoying themselves on a night out.

“The rule of six applies to groups from any household inside, or outside licensed premises. If you are from a household of more than six people, or your household has formed a support bubble with another single household, you may still enter licensed premises together. However, you should expect to be challenged by staff.”

The new rules also apply to groups of people that work, or play sports together. If there are more than six people in the group then they must not sit together at a single table and must separate into socially distanced groups of six, or less.

Large family groups that do not live in the same household must also observe the rule of six and cannot be sat at a single table together.

Anyone visiting a Licensed Premise are reminded that standing, singing and dancing are not currently permitted indoors. Steve said: “Licensees are prevented from allowing customers to stand or sit at bars, other than to order, or collect drinks. Standing is only permitted outside licensed premises.

“In order to reduce the risk of airborne transmission, singing and dancing whilst on Licensed Premises are also not allowed. Any music must be background music only.”

The rule of six applies at all times on Licensed Premises and groups of more than six must stay apart. Tables and chairs must not be moved to allow larger groups to sit together.

Steve adds: “Social Distance rules of keeping two metres apart still apply on Licensed Premises and furniture will be laid out in accordance with this rule, or with one metre distancing, plus mitigation measures. If you are moving about inside Licensed Premises please try to keep to the social distance rule.”

Anyone that feels unwell, or suspects they may have Covid-19 symptoms should not attempt to enter Licensed Premises and staff have the right to refuse entry if they suspect you are symptomatic.

Customers are encouraged to increase their use of hand sanitiser whilst on Licensed Premises. These will be provided by each establishment.

Finally, any one attending a Licensed premises must provide contact details, including a name and contact number, as well as the date and time of arrival to support NHS Track and Tracing. Steve added: “This is now the law and cannot be ignored. The Police have the power to issue fines to individuals for none compliance of the Health Protection Regulations 2020.”