Leisure centre’s preparing for end of lockdown

Eden's leisure centres closed for the national lockdown this week, but preparations are already being made for them to reopen in four weeks.

The centres in Penrith and Appleby closed at the end of business on Wednesday after a successful few months in which people had enjoyed social distanced swimming, classes and gym sessions.

Staff are now ensuring that the centres are fully cleaned and safe as they go into ‘hibernation’ and a skeleton team will ensure the buildings are checked daily and environmental conditions met.

Leisure centre members have been reassured that Better, who run the gyms for Eden District Council, will not collect direct debit membership fees for the lockdown month and will refund any prepayment for cancelled activities.

Leisure centre managers are hoping to reopen on the morning of Thursday 3 December, subject to the Government removing its restrictions. This means they will have to keep plant, heat and chemicals running.

Playing fields such as Frenchfield will remain open as people are allowed to engage in outdoor exercise on their own, or with one other person. It is hoped that people will use them to exercise sensibly. Regular users include athletes in training and those who find the flat terrain easier for walking and jogging.

However, the Government has moved to stop all grassroots sports including golf, tennis and football in measures which were confirmed by MPs on Wednesday.