Free external wall insulation available for Edens homes

Eden’s Green Homes Grant (LAD) scheme can provide funding of up to £10,000 for a range of energy saving measures in Eden households, including external wall insulation.

How you can benefit from free external wall insulation and:

  • Save up to 30% on your heating bills.
  • Reduce your emissions by 1.6 tonnes of carbon dioxide per year.*
  • Give your home a fresh facelift with renewed and repainted outer walls.
  • Live in a cosy home with improved weatherproofing and sound resistance.
  • Prevent the risk of damp and harmful mould arising from condensation on internal walls.

*source: Energy Savings Trust

The fixing of external wall insulation can be carried out with minimal disruption to the household and its occupants, as no internal access to the home is required. Installation work is quality assured and completed to current accreditation standards.

External wall insulation is available for solid walled properties only. Other properties - including those with cavity walls - can still access a range of energy efficiency measures through Eden’s Green Homes Grant. These include an air source heat pump, solar photovoltaic panels, smart heating controls and loft insulation.

The Eden Green Homes Grant scheme is funded by Central Government and the Council is working in partnership with E.ON to deliver it locally.

To be eligible, residents must:

  • have a household income of under £30,000 per year before tax;
  • an Energy Performance Certificate, (EPC) level of E, F, or G;
  • Not have already received a Green Homes Grant voucher.

Residents who live in older properties with solid walls, have an annual household income under £30,000, but don’t currently have an EPC rating for their property, can also apply. E.ON will assess the property for an EPC and look to include residents within the scheme.

Residents who meet the eligibility criteria can qualify for a range of energy efficiency measures, including external wall insulation. Eden’s GHG scheme offers residents support throughout the application process.

Applications for the GHG scheme are now open. To apply for the scheme, contact E.ON on 0333 202 4820 or email

Eden District Council offers two different energy efficiency schemes, as part of its mission towards zero carbon emissions, improving residents’ health and well-being and reducing fuel poverty. Both the Eden Green Homes Grant (LAD) scheme and the ECO Flex scheme are currently available to residents.

For more information and to check your eligibility for either scheme, visit