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Council supports aims of Yorkshire Dales Family Action Plan

Eden District Council has tonight, 2 April 2019, endorsed the aims and objectives of an action plan put together by a partnership of local authorities to attract more young people to live in the Yorkshire Dales National Park.

The plan is seeking to give effect to ambitions that were set out in the recently adopted National Park Management Plan, which was put together by a partnership of local organisations, including Eden District Council. This includes maintaining viable living and working communities. This is aligned with an ambition of providing homes to meet needs whilst enabling and delivering opportunities for sustainable economic growth whilst protecting and enhancing the environment. All the local authority partners considered that there is a need to attract more working age families (aged 18-44), but the area’s nationally designated landscape and low population density means that new housing is constrained and totally reliant on the delivery of small sites. The Action Plan, therefore, includes measures to boost the economy, tackle underused housing, enhance services and boost housing supply.

The local authorities working in partnership with YDNPA on the action plan are:

  • Craven District Council
  • Richmondshire District Council
  • South Lakeland District Council
  • Eden District Council

The action plan up to 2024 for attracting working age people (18-44 year olds) has the following objectives:

  • Create at least 400 new dwellings in a range of tenures, sizes, types and prices
  • Increase the number and quality of jobs, so as to increase gross value added (GVA) by 10%
  • Deliver at least one significant economic development project in each of Craven, Eden, Richmondshire and South Lakeland
  • Connect Grassington, Hawes, Reeth, Sedbergh, and their surrounding ‘service villages’, to fibre-to-the-premises broadband, and secure at least the Universal Service Obligation (10 mbps) for the rest of the National Park
  • Provide basic mobile phone coverage across the Yorkshire Dales National Park, and ensure 4G (or better) services are available on all networks in Grassington, Hawes, Reeth, Sedbergh and their surrounding service villages
  • Seek to retain access to local services - like primary schools and GP surgeries - that are essential to the long-term viability of local communities
  • Undertake a 5-year programme of measures to promote the National Park as a place to live for younger, working age households