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Council invests £17k to help local businesses through Brexit uncertainty

Information and advice to help local Eden companies through the uncertainty of Brexit is part of a £17,000 investment in business support services agreed by Eden District Council tonight (2 April 2019) to fund initiatives delivered by Cumbria Chamber of Commerce.

The Council will be using  government funding it has received to engage Cumbria Chamber of Commerce to provide four events across Eden District to help local companies with the complexities surrounding Brexit in the coming months. The money  will be also be used to match European Regional Development Funding (ERDF) secured by the Chamber of Commerce for business start-up support and growth hub services. This means that local businesses can access a network of 50 specialist businesses advisors.  

The Business Start-up Support (BSUS) local companies receive through the ERDF includes outreach work to encourage individuals and groups to consider setting up their own businesses. The support offered includes one-to-one advice and coaching from generalist start-up advisors and a three day modular start-up course covering the fundamentals of starting a business.

Workshops are also available covering social media in business, sales, accounts and finance, taking on staff and marketing techniques.

The Cumbria Business Growth Hub offers intensive, personalised support to ERDF eligible small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) looking to grow and enhance their competitiveness.

Specifically the ERDF Growth Hub project offers an information and enquiry service, including an interactive website portal and telephone service, personalised actions planning, one-to-one advice and coaching by generalist business advisors and a range of specialists as appropriate to the business needs.

The advice and support available includes marketing, sales, information and communications technology (ICT), women’s enterprise, human resources, finance and accounting, production and business planning and strategy.

For more information about businesses support services available in Eden District visit or call 01768 817817.