Council clarifies Newton Rigg planning rules

In light of the recent announcement of the sale of the Newton Rigg Campus, Eden District Council has issued a reminder of the planning rules for the site, as set out in its Local Plan.

The Eden Local Plan 2014-32 was adopted in October 2018 and sets out the considerations required of any future planning applications in Eden. Within the plan, policy PEN 3 specifically refers to the land at Newton Rigg, regardless of who owns it.

Policy PEN 3 acknowledges the contribution that the Newton Rigg Campus makes to the economy and educational attainment in Eden, and encourages the development of the campus, including the use of sites for expansion or employment use in support of knowledge based and digital enterprises that might benefit from the expertise of the college campus.

While the Local Plan suggests that the land to the south-east of the Newton Rigg campus area could become a new long-term strategic area for employment growth in the district, it has not yet undergone qualitative, market or viability assessment.

The Campus and adjoining land at Newton Rigg are not allocated for residential use within the current Local Plan, which is supported by a strong 5-year land supply.

Leader of Eden District Council, Virginia Taylor, said: “We all regret the temporary absence of land-based education at Newton Rigg, especially since alternative courses are out of reach for many Cumbrian students. We at Eden are doing all we can to ensure that education can resume and prosper, back at the Newton Rigg site.”