Bounce back better - Eden business assist programme

Regain control of your business, build resilience and prepare yourself to embrace the new business landscape with the Eden Business Assist Programme.

Reshaped and delivered virtually, the Eden Business Assist Programme is offering six free online Masterclasses where you can discuss and explore key topics.

You will also benefit from one to one coaching / mentoring support to help you stabilise your business, implement the changes you need and identify immediate priorities and identify a pathway to bounce back.

This is a series of workshops that will help businesses bounce back better from COVID-19 and adapt to the changing market.

Workshop schedule:

  1. Resetting the business - Business model validation. What are the challenges? What will be different (rules and behaviours)? How will your customers, market, categories, and business overall be impacted in the mid to long term. What are the external factors? Can your business survive? What should you prioritise first? Regain control of your business. How much money do you have? Can you survive the next three months?
    Date: Wednesday 26 August 10:30-12:00 Live Webinar

  2. Re-connecting with customers – Sales and marketing.  Understand what has changed in your markets, with your stakeholders and with end users. How does my business need to adapt to take advantage of new opportunities. Identify who your customers will be in the future and how your business can help these customers achieve their objective.  How will I reach these customers. Sales techniques and negotiation – leads into follow up one to one sales pitch practice.
    Date: Wednesday 2 September 10:30-12:00 Live Webinar

  3. Hitting the ground running – Restarting operations. What are the key issues post COVID-19? What are the financial properties and what support do you need to get going? Managing your culture. Adapting to new habits / opportunities.
    Date: Wednesday 9 September 10:30-12:00 Live Webinar

  4. Making Your website work harder – Circumstances have forced many businesses to operate in the digital world more than ever before. Understand how you can take some simple steps to improve the user experience and learn Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) techniques which can help you generate more sales leads.
    Date: Wednesday 16 September 10:30-12:00 Live Webinar

  5. Bouncing back - Thinking more entrepreneurially. Moving to a strategy for recovery and growth. Looking for opportunities to pivot. Switching from defence to offence. Launch new products and income streams.
    Date: Wednesday 23 September 10:30-12:00 Live Webinar

  6. Moving my finances forward  – Where am you after COVID-19 financially? Review business models. Canvas and evaluate options. Bootstrapping – what are the key resources you need to get going? Review again the revenue and cost structures of you business and map out the revenue generation and costs using the ‘Startup Cashflow analysis’ spreadsheet. What are the financial priorities and what support is available?
    Date: Wednesday 30 September 10:30-12:00 Live Webinar

Programme Benefits:

  • A series of six live webinar Masterclasses covering key topics such as Re-setting the Business, Re-connecting with Customers and Moving my Finances Forward which you can access flexibly.
  • Guided learning tasks and access to a resource library to help you complete your own Action Plan for recovery.
  • One to one coaching and mentoring
  • Access to wider support including possible grants and funding.

Kyran Parker, of red Kite Innovations, said: “In these uncertain times, we want to help businesses regain focus, provide them with the skills and knowledge to make informed decisions and give them the confidence and support to get their business back on track’’

Is it for me?

It's aimed at businesses who are based within Eden District Council area:

  • Are already trading and looking to grow and develop.
  • Looking for a structured programme, with flexible one-to-one support, which will keep you on track to help achieve your goals.


This bespoke programme is developed in partnership with Eden District Council and is being offered fully funded.  This includes all teaching materials, access to our online portal, as well as follow up coaching and support.

How do I join?

Email to register your interest. Once we have confirmed your eligibility you will be given access to our online programmes and mentoring. or call Kyran Parker on 07982 678 017