Advice for taxi operators and customers

Taxi operators and customers in Eden have been asked by public health officials to help stop the spread of Coronavirus.

Advice given to drivers and operators by the Cumbria County Council’s Public Health team on how best to keep drivers and customers safe includes an emphasis on checking with customers that they are safe to travel.

Alan Hamilton, owner of Station Taxis, backed the advice and said customers appreciated seeing the efforts drivers were putting in to keeping them safe.

"We are following all the guidelines and have temporary screens too. We open the doors for people so they don’t have to touch them and people seem happy to see that and have been thanking us.

"We have a lot of tourists who have not been to the Lakes before and they really appreciate it. It's been a tough time for taxi drivers though," he said.

Taxi operators have been reminded that if they have had contact with someone who has symptoms in the last 14 days then they should not be allowed into the vehicle.

Drivers are also urged to: wear a mask or face covering when there are customers in the vehicle; encourage customers to wear a mask or face covering in the vehicle; keep contact with customers and their luggage to a minimum and to regularly wash or sanitise your hands.

Cars should be kept well ventilated with fresh air, and wiped down and disinfected after each customer, focusing particularly on touch points like door handles and seat belts.

Full guidance for customers, drivers and operators can be found at:

Colin Cox, said: "We are advising people to start wearing face coverings in taxis. It is not a legal requirement, unlike on public transport, but our local experience of contact tracing has shown that sharing taxis may have been a factor in some examples of infection spread. Wearing a face covering is a simple thing to do that can help reduce the risk of transmission."