Advice for Landlords on the new Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards

Landlords and agents in Eden are being offered a helping hand to stay on the right side of new laws which require them to ensure their properties are energy efficient.

The council is offering to work with landlords to help them get to grips with rules which mean that from April next year a property should not be rented out if it scores lower than an 'E' in energy efficiency tests unless it meets strict exemption criteria.

It is the latest tightening of the legislation around rented accommodation which started with new tenancies last year, but is being extended to all rented property from April 2020. Landlords are also prevented from refusing a tenant’s reasonable request for the installation of energy efficiency measures.

Stephen Bentley who is leading the council’s project  to work with local landlords believes that the legislation could prove challenging in an area such as Eden.

"Eden is a rural district where many properties face a range of challenges to achieve good levels of energy efficiency. We have areas without gas supply, older and stone buildings, and areas affected by planning restrictions which may limit improvement options."

"We are asking landlords to get in touch so that we can advise them about these regulations and where possible advise them about where they might get help to improve their properties," said Mr Bentley who is leading the Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES) project for the council.

"Hopefully we can help Eden landlords find ways of improving energy efficiency which reduces the cost of running a home, reduces fuel poverty and increases the lettability of the property. This project also has an important part to play in the council's ambitions to work towards a Zero Carbon Eden," he added.

More information can be found on the Eden District Council website or by emailing

Eden District Council is also organising a forum for landlords on 11 November at Penrith Town Hall between 5 and 7pm. A similar forum in Carlisle attracts around 50 landlords and helps them share best practice and keep up to date with legislation as well as local projects.

Further information:

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