Media and publicity

Media relations protocol

Our Media Relations Protocol is in line with Local Government Association Best Practice. It is for officers and councillors (elected members) and sets out procedures and protocols for media relations, the writing and issuing of media releases and the procedures for releasing information to the media. Its aim is to recognise the value of the media in communicating information to the public and to use the media effectively to communicate with key audiences about our services and priorities.

Information for journalists

All enquiries by journalists must go through the Communication Officer. If the Communication Officer is unable to answer a query straight away, they will find a source for the correct information and get back to you.

Arranging interviews with elected membersĀ or officers

Contact the Communication Officer to request interviews with elected membersĀ or officers.

Media enquiries

Contact the Communication officer on the details below.

Media releases

View Media releases.

Social Media

See our social media accounts in the page footer.

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