Changes to domestic waste collection days for half of Eden residents

From 6 March 2023, there will be substantial changes to Eden District Council’s domestic waste collection services.

Some areas in Eden will see a change to their rubbish collection day. Those in Penrith will see a new 6-month allocation of blue bags instead of weekly too. Overall, approximately half of the properties in Eden will be directly affected by the improvements, which could require a change to their usual collection day.

Every resident affected by the changes will be receiving a leaflet through their door stating their new collection day, where appropriate.

The key improvements that the changes will bring are:

  • Reduced seagull nuisance, with bags in Penrith presented on two days instead of four.
  • Reduced CO2 emissions and fuel consumption, with better-optimised resourcing and collection routes.
  • Collection vehicles in the same area on the same day will mean consistent service and fewer missed collections, as catch up arrangements can be applied quickly.

Residents in the town of Penrith will be provided with a roll of blue bags - providing a six month supply - removing the need for blue bags to be left after each collection.

An Eden District Council spokesperson said, “The current collection rounds have evolved over a long period as services have developed alongside growth in rural property development.

“We’re delighted to be bringing in these improvements, which will simplify and optimise the collection service for Eden’s residents, whilst boosting the efficiency of the service and reducing health and safety risks.”

At this time, there will be no change to the frequency of collections and no changes at all to recycling collections.

Regardless of whether their property is affected by the changes, residents across all of Eden are being reminded to present their blue bags by 6am on their collection day.