Anyone could be homeless: help is available

There are many reasons people can become homeless through no fault of their own. The lack of affordable housing, changes in employment or income, together with unexpected life events can make any person or their family vulnerable to homelessness.

Cllr Judith Derbyshire, Housing and Health Portfolio Holder at Eden District Council, said, “We are keen to offer support to our residents who are struggling with rising costs and who have difficulty accessing affordable housing. Our Housing Options Team are on hand to provide support to those facing homelessness. We are also working to find longer term solutions to the housing crisis.”

Given the cost of living crisis, anyone can be feeling the pinch at this time. If you are struggling with your mortgage or rent payments, the Council advice is to contact your mortgage provider or landlord at the earliest opportunity. Those in mortgage arrears should also speak to the Housing Options Team, as the Council has a small fund available to assist in certain circumstances.

If you are given notice to quit your tenancy, or you know you could be homeless in the near future, contact The Housing Options Team at Eden Housing Association on 01768 861499. The team can assess your situation and go through your housing options with you.

If you have worries or are struggling with money, there is help available.

Contact Citizens Advice on 0800 144 8848 or visit

Alternatively, you can contact Christians Against Poverty on 0800 3280 006 or visit