£750 grant for Eden homeowners to help service or repair heating systems

In order to support local homeowners struggling with the cost of living - and with fuel and energy costs in particular - Eden District Council has introduced a new Heating System Service and Repair Grant.

Residents with a household income under £31,000 could be eligible for a grant of up to £750 that doesn’t need to be paid back. The money can be used towards servicing or maintaining heating systems – such as their boiler or radiators. Financial assistance is available for oil, gas and electric heating systems.

Residents are encouraged to apply now, as the grant is being allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. All funds must be allocated before 31 March 2023.

Applicants must be homeowners, over the age of 18 and either in receipt of a passported benefit or have a gross household income of less than £31,000, and savings less than £16,000.

The grant will provide up to £750 to cover the servicing or repairing, but not replacement, of an existing heating system.
For more information or to apply, visit www.eden.gov.uk/housing/housing-support-and-grants/heating-system-service-and-repair-grant-discretionary-grant/ or email better.homes@eden.gov.uk.