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Process starts to transfer Penrith’s historic assets to Town Council

Some of Penrith historic assets are set to be transferred into the ownership and management of Penrith Town Council following a meeting of Eden District Council last night (Thursday 9 March 2017).

Eden District Council is seeking to devolve its assets to local Town/Parish Councils to ensure local discretionary services are protected as the funding the District Council receives from central government diminishes.

At last night’s meeting, District Councillors agreed to the detailed process of transferring assets such as the iconic Musgrave Monument in Penrith town centre. Other assets included in the report were:

  • Bus shelters in Penrith
  • The War memorial in St Andrews Churchyard
  • Two plaques inside St Andrews Churchyard
  • The Cornmarket Bandstand
  • Benches and public seats (excluding those on District Council land)

Eden District Council’s Deputy Chief Executive, Matthew Neal will now oversee the transfer of these assets to Penrith Town Council.  He said: “We have been speaking to Penrith Town Council about the transfer of many discretionary assets that the District Council has historically maintained on behalf of Penrith. We are now seeking to progress this work by looking at the assets’ condition to see if any remedial works are required before transfer. We will also look at a revenue stream to support the maintenance of the assets transferred to Penrith Town Council starting in 2017-18 and running until 2020-21.”

 The District Councillors also gave approval for preliminary discussions to start with Penrith Town Council on a second tranche of assets comprising:

  • Play Areas at Bowscar, Gilwilly Recreation Field, High Carleton, Milton Street, Pategill Road, Pennine Way and Wetheriggs Lane;
  • Coronation Gardens;
  • Public Toilets at Little Dockray and Sandgate.

Matthew Neal said: “Before any proposals are brought back to Council for consideration on the second tranche of assets transfers, research will be needed into issues such as land titles, ongoing maintenance and running costs and to ensure arrangements are in place should there be any ongoing arrangements for the maintenance of any assets with the Council’s contractors.”

 For more information about Eden District Council visit or call 01768 817817.