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Land sale to benefit Fairhill playing field

The sale of 0.25 acres of District Council land to United Utilities is set to benefit amenities on a popular green space in Penrith.

The Fairhill playing field is set to benefit from the £4,500 which is being raised by Eden District Council selling United Utilities 0.25 acres of land at Fairhill (Penrith), which the utility company will use to install a flexible water tank on land adjacent to the current water treatment works. This will help United Utilities to have greater control of water quality, so they can close the existing works if in future water quality does not meet required standards.

The site of 0.25 acres at Fairhill is being sold to United Utilities. Discussions are on-going with Penrith Town Council about transferring the remainder of the Fairhill site to Penrith Town Council. The Town Council, local Ward Members and the Fairhill Community Group have been consulted about this issue and the District Council is due to consider a report on this issue at its Annual Meeting on 11 May 2017.

The proceeds of the sale of the land to United Utilities are intended to be used for the benefit and improvement of the wider Fairhill site.  On assuming ownership of the land Penrith Town Council could work with Fairhill Community Group and the local residents to plan further improvements to the amenities on the field.

United Utilities have already submitted planning permission for the new treatment works, construction of which will take several months to complete. Provision has been made for a temporary work area on the Fairhill site, whilst the construction phase in underway. The Council is liaising with the utility company to ensure that the site is safe and secure during the construction phase.

Planting of a shrub boundary around the new water treatment works is included in the plans to alleviate the impact of the installation on the visual amenity of the adjoining Fairhill site and to address concerns raised by Penrith Town Council and the Fairhill Community Group.

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