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Highlighting the importance of street name and numbering

Gazetteers @GIS Day 15 November 2017

Gazetteers@GIS Day demonstrates the value of address and street data to Eden District Council.

On 15 November 2017, councils across England and Wales will be celebrating Gazetteers @GIS Day which highlights the importance and value of location information and how location data is created by councils.

Council Address and Street Custodians compile data that underpins a range of vital public and private sector services, enabling:

  • Emergency responders to quickly share incident information
  • Council services to be delivered, such as the local tax collection, electoral registration, waste management and school admissions to name just a few
  • Utilities to connect services to a new home
  • The Office for National Statistics to collect census data
  • Packages be delivered to your house
  • HMRC to detect fraudulent activity across tax systems
  • The Individual Electoral Registration programme
  • Insurance companies to perform risk assessment and underwriting

Apart from providing an essential underpinning for Council service delivery, address and street data provides a Return on Investment of 4:1. A report, 'Cost Benefit Analysis of Address and Street Data for Local Authorities and Emergency Services in England and Wales' outlines the benefits afforded to local authorities in a number of areas including; reduced data duplication and integration, improved tax revenues, channel shift and route optimisation in waste management.

Address and street data also brings information from departments together to provide more targeted and effective services, saves officer time in front and back office processes, helps to understand fraud and error and provides insight into social problems.

GeoPlace works with every Council in England and Wales to build and maintain the National Address Gazetteer and the National Street Gazetteer, which includes the Address and Street data from every authority. This national dataset forms an essential part of two Ordnance Survey products: AddressBase and OS MasterMap Highways Network.