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Have your say on improving Council services

Eden District Council 2017/2018 Scrutiny Consultation

Eden District Council’s Scrutiny Committee is inviting suggestions on which services should be reviewed over the next 12 months.

This is an opportunity for the public to suggest ways in which the Council could look to make changes or improvements to its services to local residents and businesses. All suggestions will be considered by the Council’s Scrutiny Co-ordinating Board, when they develop their yearly programme of scrutiny reviews over the coming months.

Chairman of the Scrutiny Co-ordinating Board at Eden District Council, Councillor Sheila Orchard, said: "Scrutiny councillors look at how well the Council's services operate. They can investigate current Council policy to see if services can be improved, and help to shape new ones. Whilst we cannot make decisions, we can suggest ways to improve services and policies. Some investigations can take up six months and include site visits, formal interviews and significant amounts of research. Other reviews are shorter can be held over two or three meetings. Examples of previous scrutiny reviews include investigating ways to improve access to Penrith Railway Station for people with disabilities and reviewing the Council's out of hours services.

"Scrutiny can also consider issues about crime and health in Eden. We are happy to hear any suggestions, although it should be noted that the District Council does not have responsibility for roads, transport (including bus services), schools or social services. If there is any activity that you feel needs looking at, send us some information explaining what it is."

Please submit your suggestion for a Scrutiny Review Topic before Friday 21 April 2017 by either:

  • Writing to: Member Services, Eden District Council, Town Hall Penrith CA11 7QF
  • Emailing:
  • Or you can drop suggestions off at the Town Hall in Penrith.

The Scrutiny Work Programme 2017/18 will be finalised in May 2017 and reviews will be undertaken during the 2017-2018 Council year. For more information about the work of the Scrutiny Committee visit


Notes to Editors:


Scrutiny Committee – a group of councillors who are not on the Council’s Executive and whose job it is to independently monitor how the Council goes about its business, makes decisions and suggests improvements to existing policies and services. Scrutiny committees cannot make decisions but can suggest changes. Eden District Council has three scrutiny committees: the Scrutiny Co-ordinating Board, the Housing and Communities Scrutiny Committee and the Environment and Economy Scrutiny Committee.

Scrutiny Reviews – time limited projects undertaken by Councillors to look at issues and services in detail in order to make suggestions for change.