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Giving nature a helping hand

Wild flower planting at Alston's Cemetery's Woodland Burial area.In March 2016, a Woodland Burial Area was established on the southern part of Alston Cemetery. Recently new signage made from recycled materials was erected to denote the newly established Woodland Burial Area.

To help to increase the wild flower population, Eden District Council Bereavement Services along with the Friends of Alston Cemetery Group have come together to carry out a planting programme of two types of wild flowers within the Woodland Area.

The first is a ‘meadow collection’ which includes ‘Ox Eye Daisy’, ‘Birdsfoot Trefoil’ and ‘Lady’s Bedstraw’ that should help develop into a variety of meadow grasses.  

The second contains Primrose, ‘Dog Violets’, ‘Rock rose’ and others that help to attract Bees and Butterflies to the area.

In all, around 200 ‘plugs’ (little plants) are to be planted to enhance the wild flower population and give added interest to the area.

Jane Langston, Eden District Council’s Assistant Director of Technical Services, said: “We are pleased to be working in partnership with the Friends of Alston Cemetery Group on this project which, in time, will develop into a valuable feature that will be of benefit to both the environment and Alston Cemetery.’’

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